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Sports From Around The World

Being here in America, people are only exposed to the popular sports like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Well there’s a whole world of sports out there that we don’t know about. Some may seem a little weird, but in different cultures it is just as popular as football. Here I’m going to give you 5 interesting sports from around the world.

1. Caber Toss

“Ooh this sounds like a technical sport, what is a caber?” you may ask. While it sounds rather exotic and refined, it’s really not. Caber toss is just a fancy term for Scottish Log Throwing, that is also renowned in Ireland. These rather large Scots and Irishmen merely throw this log as far and high as they can. Nothing else to it. Of course not every average Joe can just go and pick up a 150 pound, 18 foot long pole, toss it and win. It takes some serious strength to hurl that thing, not to mention you have to toss it with precision so it can’t tilt either way or there will be a deduction of points, yes they have points… They look at it as a clock, you launch the log at 12 o’ clock and if it doesn’t land at 12 o’ clock, you don’t get as many points. Form is also a big part of the scoring process, I suppose that the better you look while launching the log, the better your score will be. Some people think that this is one manly sport, but since the Scots wear kilts it makes it less manly. All I can say is, it takes one heck of a man to wear a skirt in front of a crowd.

2. Ear Pull

This one is more of a tradition of the Inuit Indians. So there isn’t much to it; the participants put one rubber band over each of their ears and it goes around the other person’s ears too. The participants then lean back which stretches the string on their ears, the winner of this contest is whoever doesn’t give up. As you can imagine, this puts the contestants through a lot of pain. They say that this helps prepare you for the harsh conditions of their homeland.

3. Pato, or Horseball

This is the national sport of Argentina. It is a team sport that takes place on horses, there is a ball-like object that is called a “duck”. It is thrown in the air and the competitors on horse-back try to grab it. After they have the duck, it is their goal to throw it into the opponents net to score points. It is kind of like Rugby on horses. Teammates pass the duck to each other and try to keep it from the other team and score a goal. It sounds kind of crazy when you throw horses into it, and it is very crazy.

4. Cricket

This is a sport that is pretty popular around the world, except for in America. It is most popular in Great Britain, and Australia. Cricket is a bat-and-ball type game, much like baseball. Like in baseball, a person from one team “bowls”(pitches) the ball to the person at bat. It’s different from pitching though in that it is actually bowled on the ground, like a bowling ball. The person hitting the ball must time his hit to one of the ball’s bounces. The rest of the game is pretty similar to baseball.

5. Bowls

This game is also popular in Australia. It is a lawn game version of the winter sport: Curling. There is a small white, or yellow, ball placed a certain distance from the competitors. The goal of each team is to roll their bowls to get as close that small ball as they can.  However many of your bowls are closest to the small ball, is how many points you are going to get, after each end; much like curling. Unlike curling, there is no way to control where your bowl goes after you roll it.

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief exposure to foreign cultures. Maybe some of these interest you and you want to start a club in your city, wouldn’t that be great? I think we should give a little more of our attention to these less-known sports, rather than having it all about football and basketball. There is a whole other world of sports out there that we have no idea exists!

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