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Marathon Recap

The St. George Marathon has officially come and gone. It began at 5 A.M the Saturday morning of October 1st. I was there at an aid station 19, handing out gallons upon gallons of water and Gatorade. Despite the heat, energetic youth in my group, and the long hours volunteering, it was a great experience. It’s amazing watching these people accomplish such a feat. I think it sparks inspiration inside all of us to watch people accomplish something amazing. I know it does for me. After the marathon it makes me feel like I should be out there climbing Mt. Everest, or even running a marathon myself.

The weather wasn’t too bad. The morning started off cool, the temperature that marathon runners prefer. But as the day went on it transformed into a sweltering afternoon. The heat was affecting all of the runners; some of them were running to the tables of water themselves, instead of taking them from us volunteers. And some even had to take a break from all of the running. There were also more serious cases, people suffering from heat exhaustion. I recall one lady who, just by the look of her, wasn’t doing so well. She looked almost delirious and about to cry, one of the men from my group helped her over to the emergency aid station to get her escorted out by the emergency shuttles they had available. While it is sad she did not get to finish, it is phenomenal to get that far. 19 miles is an incredible distance to run.

Now the best part of the marathon is always the clean-up, sarcasm of course. Crushed water and Gatorade cups seem to stretch on for miles with no end. This is definitely one of the most tedious parts of volunteering at the marathon, especially if you have youth in your group that like to play around instead of cleaning up!

It was a great experience once again, the feeling of accomplishment and inspiration is worth the long time you are there, and I’m sure that this year won’t be my last volunteering at the St. George Marathon.
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