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Now many of you may not think that bowling is a sport, so I’m about to shatter your universe! Bowling is as much a sport as football, basketball, and baseball. Now it may not require as much physical strength and endurance as these sports. But good technique and mental quickness are present in this sport.  Also, exceptional hand and wrist strength is required because the bowling ball is heavier than you think. In this sport you must have decent hand-eye coordination so you can do the same routine every time you hurl the ball down the alley.

While a lot of people just go bowling with their friends to have fun on the weekends, there are also people who bowl competitively. These are usually called leagues. I’m sure you’ve heard of them, they’re the ones that always have lanes reserved on every day you want to go! You may think that watching a bunch of people bowl would be very boring; but it is actually very entertaining to watch. It is interesting watch those guys put a bunch of spin on the ball, or just throw that ball as hard as they can down the alley, and then watching those pins shatter into a million pieces! Well, maybe not shatter, but it looks like they should.

The sport of bowling is so competitive that there is even a PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) World Series! This is where the most talented bowlers compete to win. This competition starts on November 5 and goes to November 20. It’s kind of a big deal. I’m sure that the competition is going to be fierce. It’ll be very interesting to find out who wins it this year. So the next time you go bowling, and think that it is stupid, try to think how much work the professionals put into the game, and have fun with it.
February 2017
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