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Barefoot Running

Barefoot running is exactly what the name implies, running with no shoes. Now people runners are crazy enough for running those long distances, but this definitely takes the cake. Running with no shoes!? That’s preposterous. But it’s true, people do it. You would think that these  barefoot runners would only run shorter races while barefoot, but they run long races as well; like marathons. These runners think that it is the “natural” way to run, some because they don’t like shoes, and others because they like the challenge that it presents. These people think that shoes harm our feet and posture, or something like that. Giving up on shoes is sure a radical thing to do when planning to run a marathon!

As I said people hang up their shoes for many different reasons, whether it be for the concern for personal health, or just wanting a new challenge. Apparently for these people, 26.2 mile marathons in extreme weather isn’t enough of a challenge! That is a little difficult grasp, that some runners don’t think 26.2 miles of running is a challenge. These people make it sound like a marathon is a normal daily routine, their home life probably sounds something like this: “Hey honey, I’m going to run another marathon see you in a few hours. Oh and I’m not wearing shoes.” No big deal.

You’ve gotta give these people their due though, running barefoot through very harsh conditions, such as; snow, rain, excessive heat, gravel, and anything that is basically scattered on the route. They must have superior mental quickness as well, constantly checking the ground that they are stepping on for thorns and sharp rocks, among other things. These people must be in great shape as well, by thinking that marathons are no big deal! Crazy endurance, super tough feet, and the mental quickness of a mongoose, describe these runners. If you want to get in this kind of shape check out the NordicTrack C900 Pro treadmill, it’ll get you in long distance running shape in no time! Those of you who do or want to run barefoot, good luck!

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