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Guest Post-The Perfect NHL Playoff Party

The NHL Playoffs are in full swing and while my beloved Bruins made an early exit, there are still plenty of hard hits, slap shots and hockey fights to enjoy.  While the art of hosting a Super Bowl party has been corrupted by the “we’re here to watch the commercials” crowd, the NHL playoffs still belong to the true fans. If you’re hosting a party this year, here are the 4 things you need to turn a great game into a great party.

Canadian Beer on Ice!

You say cliché and obvious, I say essential. There is just something about an ice cold Canadian lager that fits the mood of playoff hockey better than any other drink. No matter how hard your wife or girlfriend pushes for a themed cocktail, when it comes to Canada’s sport there is no other way to go. Don’t forget about the nondrinkers and designated drivers. Pick up a few soft drinks so that they don’t feel left out. Your favorite local variety will do.

Quick Snacks

Hockey is a very quick game. There are hardly any breaks in the action to allow you party guests to run to the kitchen for a snack. Your coffee table should be covered in chips, pretzels and popcorn. If you are feeling culinary, nachos, chicken wings and potato skins make great hockey snacks and require only minor kitchen experience. These days it’s traditional to have some sort of veggie plate and dip for your more health conscious friends. You can find premade veggie plates in the vegetable section of your local supermarket. Just make sure the healthy stuff isn’t taking up valuable coffee table real estate that should be reserved for your favorite chips and salsa.

Late Night Grilling

Hockey is a grueling game. 60+ minutes of skating, slashing, fighting and scoring really builds up an appetite. Don’t send your guests home hungry. In between the second and third periods throw a few burgers onto the grill. Properly defrosted meat should cook up quickly, allowing you to feed your guests in between periods without missing any of the action.

A Second Option for Non Fans

There is nothing worse than watching hockey, or any sport for that matter, with a group of nonfans who have no idea what’s going on during the game. I’m not talking about wives and girlfriends who ask the occasional question. I mean the friends that never watch hockey, but they read an article about your team and they think that makes them an expert.

Plan a second option to keep them away from the TV, but still feeling like they are a part of the group. Having a trivia based board game out in the kitchen works great, but you know best what your friends are interested in. Whether they’re into knitting or science fiction flicks, give them an out from having to actually watch the game before you both go nuts.

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