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Penn State Scandal

A big issue in the sports world today is the scandal at Penn State.  In case you haven’t already heard the whole story, let me give you a summary of the events happening Penn State.

Here is a brief insight into Jerry Sandusky’s (the man bearing the charges of this scandal).  In 1969, Sandusky begins coaching the defensive line at Penn State University.  Some years later, he founds The Second Mile, a “half-way home” if you will.  This is a home for troubled boys, and eventually evolves into a charity that helps dysfunctional families. Through the next years, up through 1999 when he retired from coaching, there were numerous accounts of Sandusky meeting and having relations with a number of boys he met through The Second Mile, but he wasn’t charged criminally.  Though he retired from coaching, he still held emeritus status with the school.  The reports and charges continue through the years.  Reports were taken to Joe Paterno, the head coach of Penn State, concerning relations between Sandusky and one of the boys in The Second Mile, but those reports were apparently never taken to the authorities.  Sandusky was barred from a school district that one of the boys in The Second Mile attended, from a report filed against Sandusky from the child’s mother.  In September of last year, he gives up day-to-day involvement in The Second Mile; saying that he needs to spend more time with his family.

Which brings us up to the here and now.  On November 5, Sandusky is arrested on 40 criminal counts and is released on $100,000 bail.  And now, people are wanting the dismissal of Joe Paterno and the University President Graham Spanier, who was also involved with not reporting Sandusky’s acts to officials.  And so the head coach and the president have officially been dismissed.

It’s a sad story, really.  So much has come from these two guys not reporting criminal acts; supposedly there have been threats against one of the coaches since the scandal.  So much of this would have been avoided if Paterno and Spanier would’ve just reported what they heard about Sandusky to the police.

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