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Magic and Bird on Broadway?

As weird as it sounds, these two legendary basketball players, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, have a new Broadway play coming out focused on the struggles of each of their careers in the NBA along with the influence that each of them had on the their lives.  They were the fiercest of rival competitors back in the day, but they eventually developed into the best of friends. Their story is an interesting one. Magic Johnson played PG for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Larry Bird played Small Forward for the Boston Celtics. Both of them were raised in the Midwest and lived similar lives. They were both raised in poor families. Throughout years and years of battling each other on the court they were the fiercest rivals, arguably, of all time but they became friends and have gone through thick and thin together, still standing by each other. Especially when Magic held the press conference announcing that he was HIV positive; Larry Bird was the first person he broke the news to. Though Bird was shocked at the news, he stood by his friend the whole way. What a lesson in friendship we could all learn from. Now I’m not going to get all “gushy” but these two guys show an excellent example of how friends should be.

The two teams had gone back and forth over the years winning the championship. It’s very hard to say who is the better of the two; most people say that there isn’t one better than the other, that they are both really great basketball players. I don’t think that the two are going to be acting the play much; but who knows, they might make an appearance. I can’t say that I am going to see it, on account of a long travel, but I think it would certainly be entertaining; and, if you have the chance, you should definitely go. Check out the play’s website here at Magic Bird Broadway

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