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Game 4 of the NBA Finals

Miami VS Dallas

Miami VS Dallas

It is extremely critical that the Dallas Mavericks win game 4 to keep their hopes alive at winning the NBA Championship. After  a heartbreaking loss at home on Sunday night, I think there is no question that the Dallas Mavericks own the Miami Heat. I think Dallas will come out with a chip on their shoulder and will limit Miami’s ‘big 3’ to less than 55 points. I look for Chris bosh to score less than 15 and Lebron & Wade to combine for less than 40. I think that Dallas has what it takes to even the series up and look to put Miami on the chopping block on Thursday.

Disclaimer: These predictions are 100% armature and have less than 4% credibility. Close to every prediction I have made ends up with the opposite result. I was tempted to predict a Miami blowout hoping the opposite would occur, but decided to go with the my gut and see what happens.

After Dirk scores 40+ tonight I will be writing an article about why Dirk deserve’s to be looked at as an all time great.

If you have a second please respond with reasons why you think he is one of the best things to come from Germany since sauerkraut and bratwurst :)


In addition I would like to give a shout out to my good friends who are looking to get Jippy tonight and run some pretty sweet blogs: PokerRyan, TmcD, StevenSportsSmack, and last but not least Shane ‘ BIG DADDY ‘ Jensen.

  • Mari Camm

    I know a lot of men and women would like to blame game 4 on the refs but I feel that’s a lame excuse. Winners can overcome that. I can’t think Lebron didn’t seriously play all that well. You’d think he was the one with the fever. I can’t wait until game five. I still feel it is going to be the heat in 6!

  • Lacey

    LeBron-where did you go? I was totally disappointed he is always an animal on court but not for this game. As a past Cleveland resident I am waiting for him to take what is his, The Championship!

  • Ryan Mayfield

    I love LBJ! He is going to lead the Heat to a win in game 6 and a ring in game 7! Comeeee onnnn Mannnne your killin me! Love the website keep the blogs coming!

  • Shila Weichbrodt

    I’m from Germany and now we are incredibly happy with Dirk Nowotzki. A German is a really superstar in the first-class basketball league around the world. We’re happy how the Us residents celebrate “our” Dirk. This might be significantly less well known in the united states.

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