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Flopping in the NBA

Flops are probably one of the most entertaining parts of basketball. Though every sport that has some aspect of fouling will undoubtedly have floppers; a flop in the NBA is when someone basically acts out a foul. There are some players that will go the extra-mile while flopping. And they will act out a legitimate foul in the most wildest of circumstances. For example, if a flopper has control of the ball, and the player guarding the flopper puts up his hand to guard him; the flopper will most likely take advantage of the situation by holding the ball, looking to the ref, and putting a hand to their eye. This scenario is so brilliantly played out by Blake Griffin here:

Admittedly, Blake Griffin is a great flopper; but some people may even take it to the next level. Here is the likely situation: the player with the ball will be guarded by the flopper. The player with the ball will charge to the hoop in hopes of getting an easy lay-up. Not while the flopper is around! When the ball handler goes to the basket, if he so much as touches the flopper, the flopper will try to do a back flip by displaying that it was clearly a foul when it was clearly a flop. Here is Pau Gasol at his best!

There might be other occasions when a flopper will find an opportunity. Such as: when the floppers team is running back on defense after they just scored a shot. They might have a run-in with a player from the other team, and make the most out of that opportunity. Again, if the opposing player so much as looks at the flopper wrong, a deadly blow has been administered to the actor! Once again to show us how it is done, Pau Gasol; he has mastered this aspect of flopping as well. Man, he sure is good at what he does!

Okay so watching these flops is hilarious, but when you think about it, it is pretty ridiculous. That is pretty desperate to inflict pain on yourself just to try and get a foul. But that isn’t even the worst part! The worst part is that referees will actually call the foul! Some even well after the “event” took place! I don’t know if you noticed on that Blake Griffin video, but the referee didn’t call the foul until after Blake had looked at him and made a scene! But hey, there’s no stopping the floppers; so all we can do is just laugh at them I guess.

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