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Dwight Howard Out For the Rest of the Season

Apparently Dwight Howard is going to be out the rest of the season due to a herniated disk in his back which he is going to have operated on. Along with that he now can’t participate in the 2012 London Olympics. Sure, the Magic are a clinched in the playoffs; but this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

They haven’t been the best team they can be this season, we’ll just say that. Dwight hasn’t quite been playing to his potential, and the whole drama with Stan Van Gundy. Frankly, I’m quite disappointed with Dwight in that whole ordeal; I took him for a player that would perform to the best of his abilities, regardless of who is part of the coaching staff. He just needs to take some time and remember why he’s playing. He needs to focus on his performance, and that’s all. I think that has been the problem. But hey that’s my opinion.

So with Howard out for the rest of the season, who is going to step up and command the team? The Magic feel that with Dwight out, point guard Jameer Nelson will be the one that will step up. Nelson is the most experienced member of the team and now has to take on full team captain responsibilities. Those are pretty big shoes to fill, both literally and figuratively. The Magic with Dwight Howard, for me, is one of those teams you just want to do good, because Dwight is such a good player; because they should do good. They have the talent, there is no doubt about that. I guess they just haven’t been performing at their potential.

It’ll be really weird if Howard signs with another team, but he just hasn’t really gotten anywhere with them. He needs to go to a team with a couple other influential players to compliment his performance, so he might actually have a chance at the championship!

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