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Blake Griffin Bio: Athlete Spotlight

Blake Griffin BioAlthough I am not a big fan of this massive forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, he is still a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court that shouldn’t be underestimated despite his lack of experience.

Blake Griffin Biography

Blake Griffin was born March 16, 1989 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He and his brother, Taylor, grew up home-schooled and were always competing with each other.  Blake was an average younger brother, who strived to be better than his brother at everything.  Blake was friends with 2010 NFL draft top pick, Sam Bradford whose family owned a gym that the boys played in.  In 2003 the boys had started going to a Christian school in Edmond, Oklahoma where their father Tommy was the basketball coach.  The brothers led the team to championships in the 2003-04 and the 2004-05 season.  In his freshman year, Blake’s team had a perfect 29-0 season that was followed by a season where they had only lost two games.  In that year, Blake’s brother Taylor had been named Oklahoma’s player of the year and had received a scholarship to Oklahoma.  Now it was time for Blake to get more of the spotlight.  In his third year at Oklahoma Christian he averaged 21 points and 12 rebounds and took the team to win another championship.  He caught the eye of Jeff Capel, the head coach of Oklahoma.  Like anybody, Capel was imressed by his size, strength, and agility.  Capel wanted Blake for his team, but Blake wasn’t really committed to Oklahoma, then his brother convinced him, and it was so.  In Blake’s last season he was a powerhouse, averaging 27 points and 15 rebounds and led the team to yet another championship.  He was ranked in the national 25 players when he took off for college.

So he was playing with his brother once again, and he had certainly removed himself from his brother’s shadow to leave his own mark.  His brother had even admitted to seeing Blake do incredible things that he had never seen before.  Of course in nearly every success story, there comes opposition; Blake had torn cartilage in a game and looked like it might end his season, but after the surgery and a week of rest he led a victory over Missouri.  So yes it’s just about the same story as every other good basket ball player.  He made championships happen, won numerous awards, and had incredible statistics.

He was a shoe-in for the NBA and was first overall pick, selected by the Clippers.  He had suffered an in injury fairly early in his rookie season, fracturing his left kneecap and had sat out for the rest of the season.  The next season he was still technically a rookie and he had become much stronger.  He scored 44 points and made a monstrous dunk over New York Knick’s center Timofey Mozgo.  Blake had made his name as the rim smashing, gravity defying player; and the Clippers had possessed talent that they haven’t seen in many years.  Blake is an interesting combination of impressive size, amazing agility and crazy jumping abilities.  He is also known for his winning, and incredible dunk that he made in his first Dunk Contest, where he had leaped over the hood of a car for a humongous dunk, I think it is included in the video below.

As part of the Blake Griffin Biography I must include this video of his Top Ten Dunks of November.

As for some people suggesting him to be called the “New Superman”, (obviously comparing him to Dwight Howard) I must reply “Pish-posh”.  This guy has got a long way to go before he could be even considered to have that nickname.  Like MAYBE when Dwight Howard retires, and that’s a big maybe.  His shooting and free throws have a lot of room for improvement, among other areas.  Although I don’t like this guy too much, he has earned my respect as a great dunk artist and rebounder.  It’s gonna be entertaining to watch him progress in the NBA. I hope you enjoyed this Blake Griffin Bio.

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