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2012 NBA MVP Award

As you all probably know, we’re in the heat of the race for the 2012 NBA MVP award. Arguably the most coveted of all NBA awards; only the most elite of all players is given this award. The most elite, though, will win it multiple times. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won it 6 times back in his day; Michael Jordan and Bill Russell both won it 5 five times; Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were awarded it 3 times; and LeBron James has won it twice already, with more to come I expect! Heck, even Steve Nash has been awarded it 2 times. So you know, only the most prestige are considered for this award.

This year’s competition for the 2012 NBA MVP is particularly exciting, on account of how close the race is. The main focus is one the two players in the number 1 and 2 spot: LeBron James and Kevin Durant. These two have been going back and forth with the #1 spot. James only just recently took back the number 1 spot after a two game losing streak. The Heat’s last game against the Oklahoma City Thunder proved that LeBron can close some of the most important basketball games; which was the main reason the Miami Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in last years finals. This was what gave LeBron a huge boost into the number one spot. Watch this video for some of ESPN’s sports casters take on whether LeBron James can close important games:

It’s going to be very exciting to hear who won the MVP. What gets me is all of those Kobe Bryant fans that say he is the greatest player. Well, geez, it looks like he has only won the MVP once. You would think that someone as good as Kobe Bryant would’ve won it multiple times! I think I would be satisfied with either Kevin Durant or LeBron winning the award. Of course I’m a big-time Heat fan and I would like to see him win, but Kevin Durant is also a great player who has earned my respect. Check out this website to see who has won it in the past. Who do you think deserves to win the 2012 MVP Award?

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