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NASCAR Drivers

Although some may say that NASCAR drivers are not real athletes, this statement is totally false.  I would like to see these guys do what the drivers do every race; which is handle a roughly 3,400 pound car around a race track 500 times in sweltering heat.  On top of that, try adding the fact that these cars are designed for speed and racing conditions, NOT comfort.  That’s right, no luxury seats, air conditioning, or surround sound audio systems.  These drivers need to have the endurance to handle a car around a racetrack for hours at a time.  Not just any average Joe can pull off this seemingly simple feat.  Not to mention that lack of oxygen is also major problem in stock car racing.  These stock cars have been aerodynamically designed, less air resistance means less oxygen delivered to the driver.  With that, being able to withstand some serious G-forces is very important to be a stock car driver.

NASCAR drivers incorporate many different things into their workouts; things like the medicine ball, massage stick, etc.  Seeing that they need endurance for their job, I’m sure that some form of cardio training is required.  They also do various exercises with dumbbells, whole body workouts; most likely done in circuits.  Not only is working out important, eating healthy and putting the right food in their body is equally vital.  You can’t just drink a soda before a race and expect to perform at your peak; you need to be well hydrated, and fueled with proper nutrients to perform your best in a race.  I hope this gave you some insight to help you understand that NASCAR drivers are actually athletes that rely upon their own physical fitness.

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