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St. George, Utah Marathon

St. George, Utah Marathon

Marathon Logo

As some of you may know, the St. George Marathon will be going on this weekend. Many people have been training for months just to go out and run 26.2 miles! If you’re like me you are thinking, “now why in the world would someone put themselves through that kind of torture?”. I have no idea of what would possess someone to train for that long to run that kind of distance! These runners must be very dedicated to running to actually want to do that. Marathon runners come from all walks of life, any and all ages. Every year I volunteer at the marathon by handing out water and Gatorade, and there are always very young people running! I couldn’t imagine running a marathon now, let alone when I was12 years old; like some of the runners are. Also, there are a lot of older people that run the marathon, I would like to imagine me being that physically fit when I get older. They are truly amazing athletes.

Marathon runners

The race starts at around 5:00 am, some runners are able to finish the race in just a couple of hours, but others take their time and finish later in the afternoon. These people aren’t trying to prove anything, I think they just want to feel the accomplishment that comes with finishing a marathon, and kudos to them. The course starts up in Central, moves along SR-18 down to Veyo, past Dammeron Valley to Diamond Valley, down to Snow Canyon, and finishing in St. George. If you are familiar with the area, then you know that this is a very long course!
As previous years before, I will be at one of the many aid stations along the course re-hydrating those awesome runners! It is a lot of fun and it feels really good afterward, knowing you helped these people finish something they have dreamed of for, maybe, years.If any of you people are crazy enough to attempt one of these marathons; don’t go unprepared! Check out these NordicTrack coupons and get yourself a treadmill, to help you train. Good luck!

The Power of the ‘Stache

The Power of the ‘Stache

Mark Spitz

Everyone knows who Michael Phelps is, the guy in the Olympics who set the record for most gold medals won. But few remember Phelps’ predecessor, Mark Spitz, who also was in the sport of swimming.  Spitz set the record at 7 gold medals back in the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

Mark Spitz was born in Modesto, California.  While still a youngster, his family moved to Hawaii where, I’m sure, his love for swimming was fostered.  At the ripe old age of 6, Spitz began his swimming career and by the time he was 10, he had set 17 national records, and one world record to boot!  …for his age group of course.   When he was 14, he began swimming at the Santa Clara Swim Club, where he set national high school records in every race and every distance! Yet another unprecedented achievement to add to the list.  After high school Spitz was breaking records and earning national titles right and left, and finally earned some serious recognition in 1967 at a swim meet in California when he set the world record for the 400 meter freestyle.  Hmm, sensing a trend?  It seems everywhere Mark went, he was breaking records.  And earning 5 gold medals at the Pan American Games, in Winnipeg, was no exception.

It was in 1968 that Mark went to his first Olympic games in Mexico City.  He boldly predicted himself winning 6 gold medals.  But much to his disappointment, he only won 2 gold medals, both in relay events.  After the 1968 Olympics, Spitz enrolled in Indiana University where he won 8 NCAA titles, in individual events.  Then the 1972 Munich, Germany Olympics rolled around.  This isMark Spitz Freestyle where Spitz elevated himself to legend status, as he won 7 gold medals and set world records in each of those events, also never been done before.  It was a bitter-sweet games, shortly after Spitz won his last gold medal, Palestinian terrorists kidnapped 11 Israeli Olympic athletes and eventually murdered them.  This hit Mark especially close to home, considering he was born into a Jewish family.

Mark Spitz record held up for over 30 years, only to be beaten by Michael Phelps in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Perhaps just as famed as his world-setting 7 gold medals, his mustache played an important part in the Olympics, according to Spitz.  While others would criticize him for not being clean shaven, like his fellow competitors, Spitz would call it his “Good luck piece”.  He was certainly.  It certainly added to the idea that he was set apart from other swimmers, both in swimming talent, and in appearance.

So now when you think of Michael Phelps’ 8 gold medals, remember as well, who probably motivated Phelps to win those 8 medals, Mark Spitz.  Hey who knows, maybe Michael Phelps will come to realize the power to behold in sporting a mustache.  That would make for an entertaining 2012 summer games!


2011 Tour De France

2011 Tour De France
2011 tour-de-france

2011 tour-de-france

The Tour de France is the toughest and most well known cycling  race in the world. It means literally “the our of France”  and can only be completed by cycling professionals. It is an annual race that has been happening for over 100 years. The first year the Tour de France was held was in  1903, since then its popularity has grown into an event that people all around the world participate in and watch. It is a grueling race that cyclists spend years training their bodies for. It is not easy at all to put up with these insanely strenuous conditions. In a three week period each cyclist will go over 2,2000 miles covering all sorts of terrain from flat ground to very steep grade. The Tour de France is broken into daily increments called stages.  Each cyclist individual times to finish each stage are added together to determine who the winner is. The rider with the lowest total time at the end of each stage is rewarded a yellow jersey that they wear the next day. Each year the Tour de France covers different parts of France, but has ended in Paris every year since 1975. Many cyclists have been known to take off years of any other work strictly to train for  the pinnacle of cycling races, the Tour de France. Some people are able to maintain a normal life style while training for this insane race by  using the official Tour de France exercise bike from Proform. This Machine allows them to ride as if they were on the road without  having to leave the garage or their training facility.


Stage 10 of the 2011 Tour de France was finished today in Carmaux France. The 10thstage is one of the flatter stages of the race and typically gives sprinters a chance to gains some ground. Today went pretty much as planned, as sprinter Andre Greipel won by the length of one wheel. He beat his former teammate Mark Cavendish by just a few feet when he made a mad dash to the finish line.

2011 Tour de France Stage 10

2011 Tour de France Stage 10


There is always some controversy involved in the Tour de France, and this year has been no exception. There have been a few steroid allegations as usual, and a few accidents that have sent cyclist flying. One accident in particular has gotten a lot of attention. There are media vehicles that fallow behind or next to the cyclist so they can present live coverage to this great race. But, every now and again these vehicles can be extremely dangerous. Just take a look at this video and you will get the idea!


I have never really been into the world of cycling, but I do have a ton of respect for these dedicated athletes. I ride my bike to work a few miles total and only 3 days a week and I find myself complaining. These guys are traveling 2,200 miles in a competition that lasts 3 weeks. I have nothing but respect for someone who can dedicate themselves to something so challenging. If you are a cyclist and are in the market for the official training bike of the Tour de France, be sure to check out this $75 coupon for the ProForm Tour de France bike and save some cash.

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