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NCAA Tournament March Madness Winners

NCAA Tournament March Madness Winners

Well the championship game for this NCAA tournament has come to end. The game took place last Monday, April 2. And in case you haven’t already heard, for some reason, the March Madness champions this year were the Kentucky Wildcats. READ MORE »

March Madness 2012

March Madness 2012

The Tournament So Far

Hello everybody! Sorry that it has been awhile since my last post, I’ve been vacationing. Well I’m back now and here with a March Madness update! I’ve yet to cover this year’s tournament so I figured this was long overdue! Here we are about half-way through the event and I haven’t posted a thing. Well, in case you haven’t been following this year’s March Madness let me bring you up to speed. READ MORE »

BCS National Championship

BCS National Championship

The BCS National Championship happened last Monday, the 9th.  It was a match-up between rivals Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers.  It was a total shut-out game, the Crimson Tide scored 21 and left the Tigers not scoring at all.   It was an impressive feat that the ranked 2 team (Alabama) shut out the 1st ranked LSU Tigers like that.  It was a great show of defense on Alabama’s part; they kept LSU from passing the half until the last part of the game, pretty impressive.  Alabama’s top performer in the game for passing was sophomore quarterback AJ McCarron; who completed 23 out of 34 passes and completed the game with 234 passing yards.  Their top rushing player was Trent Richardson who rushed a total of 20 times and accumulated 96 rushing yards, which led to a touchdown.  And the top player on the receiving end of things was Kevin Norwood; he received 4 passes and completed 78 yards.

I think the player of the game should be Alabama’s kicker Jeremy Shelley, he did score all but the last touchdown of the game after all.  Towards the end of the first quarter he scored a 23 yard field goal, making the score 3-0.  The second quarter went much the same way, Jeremy Shelley kicked the ball in two more times; one a 34 yard, and the other a 41 yard field goal, that’s some pretty impressive kicking.  This increased Alabama’s lead to 9-0.  It was the same story in the 3rd quarter, a 35 yard field goal and then a 44 yard field goal by Shelley.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 15-0.  And along came the deal sealing 4th quarter; where Trent Richardson rushed 34 yards for a touchdown that ensured their huge victory over the LSU Tigers.  With such a great performance on behalf of the Crimson Tide, I wonder if they can perform as well next season.

Oregon’s Victory in the Rose Bowl

Oregon’s Victory in the Rose Bowl

January 2 was an exciting day for the Oregon Ducks as they were victorious over the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl.  This was the first time the Ducks have won the Rose Bowl since they conquered the University of Pennsylvania 95 years ago.  They have played in the Rose Bowl six times but and took their second win last Monday.  Their two Rose Bowl wins are quite contrasted since they’re first win was when helmets were made of leather; and they showed up on the field this time in their shiny chromatic helmets.

The whole game was back and forth; both teams were tied throughout the first and second quarter; Badgers’ Jared Abbrederis scored a touchdown and Wisconsin made the extra point.  Then, Oregon followed up with a rushed in touchdown by LaMichael James, they also made the extra point.  Wisconsin then rushed in another touchdown with extra point.  And with 32 seconds left De’Anthony Thomas rushed an incredible 91 yards to make a touchdown, the Ducks then made the extra point as well.  The second quarter went much the same way with back and forth scoring.  Then, in the third quarter Wisconsin put a lead of three points on the Ducks.  The Ducks, however, locked down the Badgers on defense in the fourth and scored 10 points; leaving the final score of the game 38-45, Oregon.

Some of the most influential players in the game were Darron Thomas, De’Anthony Thomas, and Lavasier Tuinei.  Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas completed 74 percent of his pass attempts, averaged 12 passing yards each play, and threw 3 touchdowns.  De’Anthony rushed 155 yards and had 4 pass receptions, accumulating a total of 34 passing yards.  Lavasier Tuinei received 8 passes, accumulated a total of 158 yards, and made 2 touchdowns; impressive stats for a receiver.

It was just a good overall game; two great teams, fairly matched in this game.  Not a lot of turnovers, or fumbles; just a classic, clean game.  Both impressive teams, I look forward to watching them progress.

BYU vs. Baylor Recap

BYU vs. Baylor Recap

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a BYU basketball game against Baylor University.  This was a very entertaining game, and though BYU had lost; I think it really showed the level that they can compete on.
BYU had built a fairly large lead the first half, despite the many turnovers in the first quarter.  There were some very good plays done by BYU; including a rebound by Brandon Davies that led to a huge dunk.  Davies had a great game, scoring 18 points; with 13 rebounds.  He played impressively throughout the game and was dubbed the player of the game.  Cougars guard Matt Carlino was said to have a good game scoring 18 points as well.  Admittedly he did make quite a few points, but he also caused the team a lot of vital turnovers, that undoubtedly altered the out come of the game.  I couldn’t really understand why Carlino was praised as much as he was, he did make a few points, contributed to the team; but all of the hype didn’t really come through at game time.  I guess I just wasn’t impressed with him as much as everyone else.  Cougars forward, Noah Hartstock had a good game as well; he scored 15 points, had 5 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block and 1 assist; it was very entertaining to watch Noah play, he’s a very good ball player.  Another joy to watch was Charles Abouo, who scored 17 points with an awesome 9 rebounds, with 1 block, and 2 assists.  He was by far the most entertaining player to watch.  The Cougars played a great game but because of excessive turnovers, and a couple of far-out calls by the refs, the Baylor Bears ended up beating the BYU Cougars by a score of 86-83.

I think that how close the score was, and the fact that the Cougars kept a rather large lead over the Bears for most of the game shows that despite losing the phenomenal player Jimmer Fredette, the Cougars can still compete against a ranked 7 team, at a great level.  They can come together as a team and make incredible things happen.  Sure, there were a lot of things that could have gone better that would have ended up as them being the winner; but regardless, this shows what potential BYU has and I look forward to watching them progress.

Top 10 Things a Sports Fan Needs For Christmas

Top 10 Things a Sports Fan Needs For Christmas

This being the holiday season and all.  I thought I should write something a little more associated with the season.  There are some basic items that every sports fan needs to have, and what better time to get these items than Christmas?


This is a must-have item if you are way into sports. You can’t just live off of articles and highlights the rest of your life. The television allows you to be part of history, kind of. Friends will ask you if you saw that incredible game last night, and when you say that you just watched the highlights on the internet they aren’t going to want to continue talking to you; but if you have a TV and actually did watch the game, you and your friend are going to have a nice long chat about the game. The remote:commonly called a “clicker” by some men. This wonderful little device ensures your comfort as you watch “the game” by not requiring you to get up from your comfortable seat and push the buttons on the TV. This makes cycling through your channels during a commercial break much easier. This television accessory is very necessary.


You can’t watch a game without kicking back in a recliner with a bowl of Cheetos, or any other snack that you enjoy. Can you imagine a group of people watching a game without a recliner present? Didn’t think so. The experience can never be complete without some old, barely hanging together, recliner that looks the color of vomit; or a nice new leather one, it’s up to you.


This is one of the most basic must-haves, you cannot be called a sports fan if you do not have a jersey of your favorite sports team. The rule is that you have to wear it when your team plays, but I think that you need to wear your jersey to every game, even games that your team isn’t even playing. If it isn’t even the right sport, you need to wear it. There is nothing wrong with wearing a football jersey to a basketball game night at your friends house. The jersey doesn’t just say that you are a Broncos fan, or a Yankees fan, it says that you are a fan of sports! And no sporting event should be attended without a jersey being worn.


Nothing shows your pride in your favorite team like a toaster that burns your team’s logo into the bread. Imagine: game day, you and your friends’ favorite team is playing, they are looking for the perfect food that resembles the burning pride they have in that team. You make toast with the team’s logo in it. You are now the hero of the day. People like sports, and people like toast, why not combine these two wonderful things. Check them out here at Football Fanatics.


Probably the greatest snacking tool known to man. Show your team spirit by putting snacks into their helmet! Obviously this is only for avid football fans; but for people who like other sports I’m sure you could come up with another good way to snack. If your a basketball fan you could try pouring your snacks into a basketball shoe, or something like that.


One way to feel the hype for all of your sports is video games. They put you in the game making the big decisions. Whether you own an XBOX 360, Playstation 3, or a Wii; there is a game for you. Some of the most popular game picks are: the latest Madden, NCAA Football, game. Also popular is the basketball game 2K12. Sports video games are a great, simple gift for Christmas.


The most simplistic, yet the most meaningful gift. A football is the most necessary piece of sports equipment. You’ve seen those people that have one, they take it everywhere like it’s one of their children. You never know when you’re going to come upon a situation where you are bored and just want to throw the football around. That is one use for it, and some people just like to hold it while they watch a game, like it makes them feel like they are part of the decision making process in a football game.


Take your team spirit to the office with you! They have a bobble head for just about every professional athlete these days. Why not take your favorite to put on your desk at the workplace. It might even serve as a good ice-breaker. Say you have some important person walk into your office, they notice you have a bobble head of someone on their favorite team, then you strike up a conversation about sports and slightly ease into business-talk; boom, you’re in.


Ah, the classic foam finger. No sporting event is complete without the foam finger. This simple object really shows what kind of person you are; one that’s not ashamed to throw a foam finger up in the air in support of their team! This will also help you catch the real spirit of a game.


Otherwise known as the “beer helmet”. You’ve seen it, it’s that hat with the two cup holders on it with straws that go down to your mouth. Not necessarily for beer, you can put pretty much anything you want in it that has a soda can’s shape and size. This item is really great for the sports fanatic, it allows for full use of their arms; whether waving a foam finger in the air, doing the wave, or just moving their arms around like a crazy person.

Well I hope this has been a little insight into what to get your sports-crazy friend for Christmas. Also, combining some of these gifts are a really good idea, most of them compliment each other like the recliner and TV, and the foam finger and novelty hat.

Penn State Scandal

Penn State Scandal

A big issue in the sports world today is the scandal at Penn State.  In case you haven’t already heard the whole story, let me give you a summary of the events happening Penn State.

Here is a brief insight into Jerry Sandusky’s (the man bearing the charges of this scandal).  In 1969, Sandusky begins coaching the defensive line at Penn State University.  Some years later, he founds The Second Mile, a “half-way home” if you will.  This is a home for troubled boys, and eventually evolves into a charity that helps dysfunctional families. Through the next years, up through 1999 when he retired from coaching, there were numerous accounts of Sandusky meeting and having relations with a number of boys he met through The Second Mile, but he wasn’t charged criminally.  Though he retired from coaching, he still held emeritus status with the school.  The reports and charges continue through the years.  Reports were taken to Joe Paterno, the head coach of Penn State, concerning relations between Sandusky and one of the boys in The Second Mile, but those reports were apparently never taken to the authorities.  Sandusky was barred from a school district that one of the boys in The Second Mile attended, from a report filed against Sandusky from the child’s mother.  In September of last year, he gives up day-to-day involvement in The Second Mile; saying that he needs to spend more time with his family.

Which brings us up to the here and now.  On November 5, Sandusky is arrested on 40 criminal counts and is released on $100,000 bail.  And now, people are wanting the dismissal of Joe Paterno and the University President Graham Spanier, who was also involved with not reporting Sandusky’s acts to officials.  And so the head coach and the president have officially been dismissed.

It’s a sad story, really.  So much has come from these two guys not reporting criminal acts; supposedly there have been threats against one of the coaches since the scandal.  So much of this would have been avoided if Paterno and Spanier would’ve just reported what they heard about Sandusky to the police.

LSU vs. Alabama

LSU vs. Alabama








There’s nothing quite like a good college football rivalry.  Football is entertaining to watch but when you throw a rivalry in there, it is way more exciting.  With the LSU-Alabama game coming up, a lot of fans are getting excited about the great rivalry.

These two teams have played against each other every year for the past 47 years.  Some people say that the rivalry started back when Alabama had a multiple winning streak over LSU in Tiger Stadium, and as result this became one of the most dangerous atmospheres in college football.  I say, losing multiple times to a team in my own stadium sure would make me a little mad.  The heat of this particular rivalry escalated when Alabama added Nick Saban, former LSU coach, to their coaching staff back in 2007.  Supposedly, LSU gave their former coach a lot of grief over leaving them, even though that was a few years before he became Alabama’s head coach; they made insulting T-shirts that display text that relates to how he only cares about the money.

He actually left LSU to coach professional football, the Miami Dolphins.  I don’t think that is a very legitimate thing you can hold against a person, I wonder how many of those people making snide remarks would ditch their sense of pride in their school if another option proposed itself with more benefits.  But that’s beside the point. The point is that LSU is just upset that their former coach joined on with rivals!

It’s going to be a great game tomorrow, that you can be sure of.  It will be aired at 7:00 pm(CT) on CBS. Don’t miss it, it is going to be a great game.

As for my pick for this game, I really cannot say. Alabama has won more over their history, but the past few years LSU has won more so I can’t really predict this one. It’s anybody’s game!

Terrelle Pryor Eyes the NFL

Terrelle Pryor Eyes the NFL
Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor

Ohio State football is in a very awkward and unfortunate spot after their head coach resigned last week and Pryor announced he won’t be back to play next year. In addition, four other players will sit out the first five games of next years season; Mike Adams, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey,  and Solomon Thomas will miss the first five games of the 2011 season and must repay money and benefits, the school said. This being said I think that it’s safe to say Ohio State will be in quite the bind to start next years football season. Terrelle Pryor has been the center of controversy fallowing the sudden resignation of Jim Tressel. Earlier this week, Pryor’s lawyer announced that he won’t be back to play football for Ohio State ever again. According to ESPN “The Saskatchewan Roughriders own the CFL negotiating rights to Pryor and had extended him a tentative offer.” Terrelle Immediately refused the offer and made it clear that his intentions were to enter the NFL’s supplemental draft. He is looking to hire a Quarterback coach that will help guide his skills so they translate to that of the NFL. I think Pryor is an immature thug who needs to open his eyes and realize that he is lucky! Not everyone is blessed with the skills he possesses. He should take note of that and work hard to reach the NFL. Not take advantage of his status and coast through life. I hope to see him make changes that will benefit himself and his reputation.



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