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MLB Athlete Fitness

MLB Athlete Fitness

Here is something to read for all of you baseball fans!  Many people believe that baseball is one of the least physically strenuous sports ever.  They think that everyone who plays baseball is fat and hardly moves.  This is just an outright fabrication!  Here, I’m going to show you some general exercises that a baseball player needs to do, to keep up his performance.

So first off, baseball player’s need almost uncanny hand-eye coordination.  Catching a fly ball isn’t as easy as it seems, and when you’re thinking you’ve got the ball and the glove lined up perfectly, you get socked in the eye with it!  It’s one thing to hit the ball as it’s coming in at 92 miles an hour; but to hit it with meaning and to try and get it to go where you want it is another thing entirely.  Obviously baseball players need to be able to run around the bases with good speed, because most likely the person throwing the ball to the base you’re headed for can throw faster than you can run!  So if you are a key-hitter, you are basically going to need to be thick, strong, and fast; crazy combination right?

In order of you to have a good swing, you obviously need to have exceptional upper body strength, you also need to have a very strong core for a perfect swing, and cat-like quickness (just in case you don’t knock it out of the park for whatever reason).  For arm, they do the usual arm workout routines;  bicep curls, tricep dips, the works!  Core workouts require a lot of ab working out, chest exercises; things like crunches, push ups, leg raises on your back.  Obviously endurance and cardio is a big part of baseball; being able to chase down grounders, and run the bases is pretty important, so I would venture a guess to say that they run to increase endurance and speed.

Well, there you have it.  It’s pretty broad and general but that’s just to give you an idea of what a baseball player does to stay in shape.  If you want to get into pretty good shape I would suggest using a treadmill, here is NordicTrack’s treadmill page.


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