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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

It’s that time again where everybody makes a bunch of goals that they rarely stick with.  You hear a bunch of people saying that they are going to turn over a new leaf and start getting healthier (or whatever their resolution is); 2 weeks later, you see these people sitting on their couch eating a bag of potato chips.  I’m not saying this is the case for anyone who has ever made a resolution to get fit; just most people.  Hopefully I can give you some advice and inspiration about sticking to your resolution.  I’m sure that you have all heard of the SMART goal acronym, well that is what I’m going to show you because it just so happens that goals are pretty similar to New Years resolutions!


The first step in making and achieving your goals/New Years Resolutions is making it specific. An example of what NOT to say is: “My New Years Resolution is to lose some weight.” Okay… that’s not a bad thing to pursue; but how much weight? If you don’t give yourself a specific mark to hit, your goal will never happen. In order to stick with your resolution you need to be working to a single, specific goal. “I want to lose 25 pounds”, this is an example of a decent goal. Now you need to set a specific time which leads us to the “M” in SMART.


The second thing you need to be sure of when making a resolution is that it is measurable. This one is closely related to the first. It means that you need to make a goal that you can set a specific time limit on. Although saying that you want to lose 25 pounds is alright, it most likely won’t work unless you set a specific time frame in which you want to lose that weight in.


You also want to make this goal something that you can achieve. Something that is within your range of capabilities; something easy but also difficult. One that isn’t too daunting of an idea, so that you can stay motivated to pursue it; but also one that takes work to achieve.


This one is pretty similar to the last. Choose something that is down to earth that you absolutely know you can accomplish. You should stay away from making a goal that is far-out, and not achievable. This is important because how you accomplish one goal will affect how well you accomplish any other goals. If you set an unrealistic goal that you can’t achieve, you may get discouraged from setting goals altogether.


The last part of this acronym is for a goal to be timely. I would recommend that you stick to more short-term goals. If you have a short-term goal, you are more likely to achieve it. Having a long-term goal makes it hard to keep it in sight and stick to it, and you may give up on it altogether because it is too far off. If you do want to set a long-term goal, it can also be used by setting a bunch of short-term goals. Achieve your long-term goal in increments of smaller goals.

Another great tip in setting New Years Resolutions is to write it down. It’s sounds simple and meaningless but if you never write it down, it will most likely be forgotten. If you have set a resolution to get fit and maybe lose a few pounds I would recommend using some home gym equipment; something like a treadmill. Check out some of the equipment NordicTrack has to offer if you feel like getting healthier and losing some weight. Good luck with your New Years Resolutions!

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